Armytrix Front pipe + Mid pipe (L and R) + Valvetronic mufflers + Wireless remote control kit

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VEHÍCULO: BMW 4 Convertible (F33) 435 i 2013 › 250kw / 340hp – REFERENCIA: BMF33 – MATERIAL: Acero inoxidable – INFORMACIÓN IMPORTANTE: • The down-pipe for 335i/435i has two versions based on different model years. Utilize VIN to verify the model year prior to installation. • Quad-tips only compatible with specific brand of diffuser please consult with us before making a purchase. • Fits both left-hand and right-hand drive cars • Fits RWD only • We kindly ask you to provide a VIN prior to ordering to ensure fitting on all >sept 2018 models due to possible EU6 sensor issue.

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